Britt ♥ Bryan

You’re Next…

It’s all fun in games until someone catches the bouquet (or garter)!

It’s no secret that Bryan and I have been together for almost 3 years (November 13th, to be exact). We recently had A LOT of weddings this summer, some of which Bryan was part of the wedding party. We laughed, we celebrated, we drank too much, but most importantly we got to share in the couple’s memories of getting married.

Our first wedding we attended in June, we both caught the bouquet and garter.

Uh Oh…

Our second wedding in July, Bryan caught the garter. Our last wedding in August, I caught the bouquet. Since then, (in reality this started long before we caught the first bouquet and garter) we have been told, “you’re next” or “so, when’s the wedding”. Don’t get me wrong, we both want to get married, but here is what I have come to realize about our

{Congdon Wedding 2016 – Photo Cred: Brittney Johnson}

Bryan and I are both content right now. We have everything we want at this point in our lives. We bought a house together in March and remodeled it (Bryan did most the labor), we both have great jobs, we bought a CanAm and are starting our adventures together, oh and I can’t forget we already have two fur children. The point is that we are happy with our lives at this point in time, which is grounds for a great relationship.


{Bittner Wedding 2016 – Photo Cred: Steenos}

Next, we have just begun to figure each other out. You have your “honeymoon” phase where life is all sunshine & rainbows, couples never fight, you go on lots of dates, and nothing ever goes wrong. Then you have the “struggle” stage where you learn each other’s differences and learn to sacrifice and compromise. Wow, still learning that one. We are both learning to fight in a way where we both come out winners. That’s the “stability” stage. We learn that both of us are right in our own ways, we aren’t going to change the other’s opinion, and learn to move past the issue. We both have mutual respect and boundaries.

Oh, a little side note: WEDDINGS ARE EXPENSIVE!

If Bryan is going to pop the question, he will pop the question in his own time. Bryan is a planner and I’m sure he wants it to be perfect. Can I blame him? We are in the adventure of our lives right now, we are young and we have all the time in the world. Why rush into something when it’s great the way it is? Life works for us right now ❤️ Maybe we will be next or maybe we will be last. All I know is that I found my human and I am happy!


{Congdon Wedding 2016 – Photo Cred: Sarah Cook}

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