Weight Loss

First a Habit, Next a Lifestyle

“The 21/90 Rule:

It usually takes 21 days to create a habit. It usually takes 90 days to create a lifestyle.”


{Not so glamorous shot after the gym last night = photo documentation}

No one can argue that it takes consistency to build a lifestyle change. We’ve all used the excuse “I will start doing ~insert activity here~ this week” and a week or so later, we fall off the wagon. Using diet & exercise for example. How many times have you made the New Years Resolution that you are going to get in shape and eat better for summer? I have. More than once, too! The problem was that I was not consistent. I would go for a week or two straight and then slowly stop all together. The inspiration and the motivation fades. Sometimes, life happens!

This time, it took one thought each time I wanted to give up: “How will I feel about this in a month, 6 months, a year, or even 5 years if I quit now”? The fact is, I have quit several times in the past, even when I did see progress. I used the classic excuses that life “got in the way” and I “didn’t have time”. I wasn’t committed so I didn’t make it a lifestyle change. A few months after quitting I was disappointed in myself. I though to myself, “if would have kept going from the first time, I would not have been at my heaviest weight“.

Often times I quit because I wasn’t seeing the results immediately, well…


I did not gain weight overnight, so I will not lose it overnight. I’ve said this before somewhere (I’m almost positive). Negative results will ruin an individual’s drive to success. This applies in anything you do in life, not just fitness! It takes time to see results. I have been at this since June 20th and I am just barely past 90 days. It is still hard to keep consistent, but I have made it a part of my daily routine, which has made it feel almost as normal as brushing my teeth! I did not change the consistency of my routine for at least 90 days, which means I went to the gym 4-5 days a week (4 days if my body was really sore) and I packed the similar lunches/snacks for my day.

I have mentioned before that I was in-shape and competed in rodeo in high school. That gave me purpose and took up ALL of my spare time. After I sold my last rodeo horse a couple years ago, I did not know what to do with my life. Even if I wasn’t riding as much as I used to, I always knew if I got bored that I had something to do. I remember my first Facebook post after selling my horse was something along the lines of “sold my last horse…what do normal people do with their spare time”? I was lost and had no motivation. I was already heavier than normal when I started watching more TV, eating, and living a sedentary lifestyle. Once I made the decision to lose weight, going to the gym gave me that sense of purpose that I felt like I was missing. Not only am I looking better and I have something to do, but my attitude has DRASTICALLY changed. I am very happy-go-lucky like I used to be!

Healthy eating has also become second nature. My brain does not crave the same things as it used to (except for coffee and that will never change)! Eating healthy food and drinking so much water that I practically live on the toilet has become very normal; not easy, but normal. The best part? I FEEL better. I don’t eat nearly as much junk food or fast food as I used to either. I have twice the amount of energy which makes going to the gym easy and dare I say…FUN!



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