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Sorry for the lack of activity this month. Last month I had planned to post more frequently about my November goals but life got a little crazy. For one reason, my minor goals turned into some ambitious goals AND the second reason…I GOT ENGAGED!!!

You can visit my other blog post to hear all about that!

I was all about challenging myself this month, but little did I know that I would really be getting myself into! I literally pushed myself to the limit & I can’t wait to share with you how I did it, but first…

Lets review my November goals:

  • Go to bed earlier, wake up earlier – I honestly forgot about this, but in a way I guess I did!
  • Planksgiving Challenge (in the morning) – Nope! I learned that I do not plank…yet.
  • November Squat Challenge (in the morning) – This started out really promising, but then I stopped because I started training in other ways.
  • Drink more protein – Did not happen!
  • Eat more chicken – Did not happen!
  • Less coffee, more tea! – Did not happen! My drink of the month was a Skinny Peppermint Latte from Starbucks!
  • Incorporate more weight training – No, but incorporated LOTS of running!
  • No WEIGH November! I will not look at the scale until the end of November. I did weigh myself on the 1st to set a start weight. – I was very impressed with myself that I did not weight myself until the end of the month (before Thanksgiving)I think I lost 4 pounds but then ruined it with Thanksgiving.
  • Gym/Workout/Walk 5x a week. No excuses. 5 days in a row. – I went often to the gym but I also did training with my uncle on Saturdays, however I didn’t keep very goo track!
  • Document weight with photos weekly (Friday Morning) – A strategy I will use instead of stepping on the scale. – I only did one set of photos and that was it.

Here is what I did instead of my initial goals…

The first week of November I decided that I wanted to do our local 10K race for Thanksgiving. I called up my uncle (who is a 6th degree black belt and has run 5-10K before) and asked him to help me train for the rafb_img_1480121431668ce. Our first training session we ran his route through downtown Reno. The total milage was just over 3 miles which takes us up and down a parking garage. I did not make the full 3 miles due to a leg workout that I did the Friday before. I was so disappointed in myself because I made it just over 2 miles without stopping. In reality, I shouldn’t have been mad at all because I had not run that far in several years consistently. It was then we decided not to be so ambitious and do a 5K instead! We trained every Saturday for 3 weeks…

This picture was from our second week of training. We ran up a mountain in Reno called Rattlesnake Mountain. The run is a steep rocky incline that is about 40 floors high (according to my FitBit). Once you get to the top you can see every little bit of Reno! Going down is so much easier and for the first time I beat everyone in my group!rattelsnakeThe last week we trained before the race was the most intense! We ran stairs at Lawlor Event Center in Reno. The stairs consist of 5 sets of stairs, each set has 5 rows, and each row has 40 stairs. We did 3 sets of those totaling 3,000 stairs! After running the stairs, we made two full laps around the building at a jog. I forgot my FitBit that day and I was pretty angry that I didn’t record that workout. Needless to say, I couldn’t walk for a week!


{My first 5K Race Bib #202}

The day before the race I picked up my race bib and hat! I was so nervous and excited. I was nervous because I didn’t think I was going to be able to do the full 3 miles. I worked hard on my workouts the last three weeks including running the Marina during the week and doing HIIT cardio at the gym. The morning of the race I drank lots of water but I could hardly eat because I was still so nervous! We arrived at the plaza where the race started and it was a bombing 24 degrees! My goal was to finish in under 45 minutes and I was bound and determined not to stop to walk! The race followed a river through downtown and into a park where we turned and ran back to the plaza. I MADE IT THE WHOLE WAY RUNNING!!! My uncle pushed me hard and I couldn’t be more thankful for his support!


{My Family & I…Just kidding, I have no idea who those people are!}


{THIS is my family! See the resemblance?}

Not only did I finish the race without stopping, but I finished in 37 minutes!!! I even got a finishing metal! I may not have won or even placed, but I finished my race and that was the most important thing to me! Below is the exact time I crossed the finishing line.

Congratulations BRITTNEY JOHNSON
on completing the
Your Finish Time: 

fb_img_1480121431668I feel like this is by far my biggest fitness accomplishment and I plan on doing a lot more 5K races and I even hope to do a 10K before my wedding August 2017!

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