Britt ♥ Bryan

The Proposal ♥

3 years is equal to 36 months or 1,095 days

Can you imagine spending that long with the same person? I can. I was the type of person that wouldn’t have believed it. I have spent 3 years with this amazing man and on the day of our anniversary, Bryan decided to make things REAL!



The day was November 13th, the day Bryan asked me to be his girlfriend three years ago. We had been planning a trip on our Canam side-by-side to Crystal Peak above Frenchman Lake (one of our favorite rides) earlier that week. We knew that my parents were going to tag along for sure and possibly Bryan’s brother. Bryan’s brother had been working really hard on getting his trailer ready so he could go with us. The day before we were to head off on our adventure, Bryan told me his parents were finally going to be able to make a trip with us. That news was exciting, but not out of the ordinary or surprising because they have wanted to go for awhile now. Sunday morning, the day of the proposal, we all met up at the gas station, filled up and got snacks before heading to our staging area near Frenchman Lake. We get there and got unloaded and headed up the mountain through the beautiful scenery and dodging massive puddles along the way! We made it up to the top of the mountain and parked. The family decided to hike to the top of a small peak to get good views of the Lake. Little did I know that my dad had a backpack with champagne bottles and my mom made a sneak pass to Bryan with my ring that she was hiding in a foam coffee cup! We made it up and Bryan asked my mom if she could get a picture of us over the landscape. She took a few pictures and then Bryan turned to me and said, “Happy Anniversay, will you marry me?” and got down on one knee! So much was going through my head at the time like, “ABOUT TIME!” and “FINALLY!” but no words came out. All I could do was cover my face and shake my head yes! I was so surprised and shocked that I didn’t know if I was going to cry or pass out! We toasted champagne and spent the rest of the day exploring the area! I always knew he would plan something amazing but I had no idea it could have been that perfect!

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