Wedding Planner Extraordinaire

Its been awhile since I’ve posted anything worthy on here and to be fair, I feel like today isn’t my day of brilliance. Life has been a complete whirl wind. Between work, classes and planning a wedding I am completely exhausted! I am also lacking consistency at the gym, which is why I haven’t commented much about that. What I can tell you is that I am maintaining my weight, which I can’t complain. I will also tell you, that wedding planning is NO JOKE. Now I know why wedding planners make the “big bucks”. I knew it wouldn’t be easy and I feel like planning our wedding is all I have been doing lately, but let me tell you. . .if I didn’t dislike people so much I might consider it as a career! Since January, I have interviewed bakers, florists, event decorators, ordered Save the Dates, booked a rehearsal dinner venue, scheduled the dinner menu tasting, scheduled the rehearsal itself and I am tracking down an officiant. My only issue with these professionals that I am trying to book is that so many of them are hard to contact in a timely manner or they are too lazy to give me full estimates. Its frustrating. These are professionals in this line of business and if you want your business to run successfully you will make clients (and potential clients) happy. Its not like I am asking a lot, I am pretty easy-going. Customer service is lacking terribly these days and it’s sad.

With all this excitement, it has made these last few months fly by. We are almost into March and that means my wedding dress will be coming in to the store in about a month! I feel like I just ordered it yesterday, but it has been 3 months already! Its one thing to try on the dress of your dreams, but when it actually arrives and its YOURS will be the most incredible feeling. Another thing that is fast approaching is the WEDDING itself. I am less than 6 months away from saying I DO to the man of my dreams. I am pleasantly surprised at how well we are working through this wedding planning together. For the most part we have agreed on everything and are getting each other more excited about the big day (much like planning our remodel was).

The other day I was going through the Starbuck’s drive-thru and I must have been on my way to a meeting with someone, so I had my notes and wedding planning binder in the seat next to me. The girl at the window asked, “WOW, are you a wedding planner?!” I looked at her for a second, mainly because I was super confused, but then I realized I had all my junk in the seat beside me! I looked back at her and said, “GOD no. People couldn’t pay me enough to do this as my real job. I am actually planning my own wedding.” Her mouth dropped and she replied, “You’re planning your OWN wedding? Isn’t that really hard”? No, not when people respond back to my requests. “No, but it is time consuming and there are a lot more details than I though there would be”. At that moment, I looked back at all the hard work I have put into this and how everything (little by little) was coming together quickly in just a few short months. Before I know it, I will be Mrs. Brittney Rodgers!

Copyright - Jeramie Lu Photography | | available for travel worldwide
Copyright – Jeramie Lu Photography | | available for travel worldwide

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