30 Days Whiter

For the past 30 days I have been focusing really hard on whitening my teeth. I used to get comments all the time when I was younger about how white my teeth were. I hadn’t noticed too much when the comments stopped until I saw pictures of myself in my engagement photos and my teeth had a yellowish tint & stains to them. I had never been self-conscious of my teeth…EVER! So, for someone who smiles so often, this was a problem.

I have had problems with my front teeth mostly because I had chipped a tooth when I was younger and when they were shaping the tooth they must have taken too much enamel off and it immediately started browning. I tried Crest strips when I was younger but I never used them consistently and so I never saw a difference.

Techniques Used:

This time I am using a technique where I mixed my Crest Brilliance toothpaste, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and water. I brushed my teeth with this solution for about 2 minutes and then rinsed with Crest mouth wash. I used this mix once a week for the month of March (5 times a month).

The Products Used:

What about the other 6 days a week? Well, I started off by getting new toothpaste and mouthwash. The one I had been using was for sensitive teeth for Bryan…but since using it by teeth have gotten worse. I started using _insert brand/product here_. I also cut out dark liquids such as coffee, red wine, dark soda, etc. Okay, so I may have had a coffee here and there but I packed a travel toothbrush and toothpaste and after drinking my coffee I brushed.

If you have read my fitness blogs, you know I use photo documentation because it’s literally THE BEST! The first of the photos being with no treatment – The “original” product. I started the treatment on Wednesday (we shall call this day: Whitening Wednesday). After each treatment I would take a progress picture. Also for fun, I did one on the last day of the month (the 31st) so that I could compare the final product to the original.

After I get my teeth to the shade I want (hopefully by the end of the month), I will only continue the treatment once/twice a month. You do not want to overdo it. It should just be used for maintenance. The only time I will “beef up” this treatment is the month of my wedding for excellent pictures (if needed) 😀

The Progress:

**Note: None of these pictures have filters. They are taken with natural light (no artificial lighting) – Any difference in brightness is due to time of day and how direct the sunlight**


This is the “original” picture of my teeth. No filter, taken in the early afternoon, brushed in the AM. As you can see there are some pretty good stains on the two front teeth. The others aren’t as bad but they have a yellowish tint.


This is Day 1, after my first treatment of baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and Crest Brilliance toothpaste. The night before I brushed with Crest Brilliance and used Crest mouthwash. 



As you can see on the “after” picture, the large stain on the right side is still there. Although, I did not expect that to disappear right away (if ever). The left tooth still has slight visible stains, but definitely not as bad! All the other teeth have lightened a good shade or two!


DAY 8 (AFTER SECOND TREATMENT) – Side by Side Comparison

This is Day 8, after my second treatment of baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and Crest Brilliance toothpaste followed by mouthwash to get rid of the wonderful taste the hydrogen peroxide leaves in my mouth. 

Obviously, the top picture is the newest progress photo. Sorry for the reflections of light, I was trying my best! I have to say that I am honestly quite impressed with how this progress is going. The right tooth stain (the “problem child”) has lightened up quite a bit around the edges of the stain. The stain on the left tooth is almost completely gone, which shows how deep in the enamel that the right stain is. I would say the right stain was actually worse on the second progress picture, because the rest of my teeth had lightened up so significantly. After the second treatment, all the rest of my teeth seem to be super white and just about where I want them.

I am still using the Crest Brilliance toothpaste and Crest Vivint White mouthwash at least twice a day in addition to the weekly treatments. I “try” to brush after coffee and dark food/drink but that does not happen consistently. 

Day 8 Comparison


I, unfortunately, was very inconsistent with my final treatments. I still using the Crest Brilliance toothpaste and Crest Vivint White mouthwash at least twice a day.

I am planning on trying this treatment out again once before August (possibly in May or June). I want to set a goal to do the treatments once per week and brush on my lunch hour in addition to still using the Crest Brilliance toothpaste and Crest Vivint White mouthwash at least twice a day.

Below is the final product in comparison to the first treatment!

I do feel like since I didn’t keep up on it completely, my results were not as “brilliant white” as I would have hoped. I am happy that I was able to lighted them up quite a bit and I am looking forward to trying again!



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