Weekend Warrior Project 1

I started this blog to hold myself accountable, right? Well, it worked for my weight-loss (up until recently) so I am going to use it for my home improvement/cleaning accountability as well. I will post one project per weekend and see where it takes us!

Weekend One

“Closet Junkie”

I have so many projects that I want to do right now, but I guess the big one would be to clear out the master closet so that we can move Bryan’s belongings back in the master bedroom. Currently, Bryan’s clothing has taken up a new residence in our guest bedroom closet due to my clothing. Oops!

Our closet is actually pretty awesome because it already has a lot of built-ins, so organization will be cake once I reduce the clutter. One thing I don’t like about the existing built-ins is that there are a lot of cubbies and shelves but not a lot of room to hang clothes.

I got a lot of my ideas in this blog from:


First, I emptied my entire closet and sorted through my closet using this method:


Then I decided on where I wanted things to go back using post-it notes. This way I could visually see where things would be kept before I started actually moving everything back (just in case I changed my mind).

Once I had a visual, I cleaned all the shelves. I couldn’t remember how well I had cleaned when we moved in, but it was time anyways. I made sure that all the shelves were cleared of dust and debris before I placed clean clothes back on the shelves. Clothes that were not hung up, I folded using the method in the blog above and stored in the cubbies.

Next, I moved to the nightstand where I keep my PJ’s. I really only wear a certain few, so the fact that it was overflowing was out of control. I only kept the outfits I wear on a daily basis and all others I donated. My goal here is to use the nightstand for my socks and undies.

Finally, I moved to our bed storage drawers that are previously housing my bathing suits, socks, sports bras, undies and God knows what else. The other drawer held the jeans that currently fit me which I wanted to move up into a cubby of the big closet. I started this process by looking for all the matching socks. Any mix matched socks would be thrown out. Once I had the matching socks (same goes for undies) I looked at their quality:

  • Do they have holes?
  • Are they worn out?
  • Do they stink?
  • Are they comfortable?

I did the same process for my underwear with the main questions being “Are they comfortable”. Let’s admit it, we all have that cute set but they are just so uncomfortable that you dread the day you have to wear them. I separated them out in my night stand in one of the two available drawers. The other I used for my camis and I folded them exactly as a did before with the above method. I then used this drawer space for my PJ’s and the other for my bathroom towels (which I never had a spot for anyhow).

All in all I felt that I did not gain any valuable space. I got rid of two garbage bags full of clothes, hats, shoes, etc. While there is more space between my existing clothes and there is less clutter, I was still unable to move it all to one half of my closet as planned. I do overall feel less overwhelmed by the piles of excess clothing, but I still have a long way to go!



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