Weight Loss

Make a Comeback

I haven’t posted for a long time about my weight loss journey. About 3 months to be exact. To be honest, I haven’t been taking it very seriously either. This weekend, something sparked inside me where I realized I was feeling more down about myself than normal. I didn’t like any of the clothes I was wearing, I didn’t want to wear jeans, I was eating crappy, and I just felt depressed! This past weekend was Easter Sunday, and I wore my nice clothes to church and I just felt…gross. My thighs seemed huge, my belly was poking way out and I was just not confident in my appearance. The following Monday I started back into a good eating routine, drinking more water and GOING TO THE GYM! I had skipped weeks upon weeks and maybe going once or twice at the most. I was also steadily gaining weight back. Since Thanksgiving I had gained 8 pounds. Now, I know it doesn’t seem like a lot, but it scared the hell out of me that I was getting closer to the number I never wanted to reach again (my heaviest weight).


So I have been logging my food again and attempting to drink two large 24 oz bottles of water (I know thats not near enough but I HATE drinking water, so that is an achievement for now). My max calorie budget is 1,400 calories but I have been sticking around 1,000 or less including burned calories from the gym. I have also been going to the gym every night this week and pushing myself hard by doing things I don’t usually do. I have now made friends with the rowing machine. So, from Monday morning to Wednesday morning I lost 2.2 pounds and I was really excited about that because that is the weight I am aiming to lose TOTAL per week & not just every other day! This morning after keeping consistant with my workouts and eating I gained back 2 pounds. That is frustrating…until I decided I needed to visually find something that had worked – A “non-scale” victory. I started taking progress pictures to compare with my older photos. I found nothing in my frontal pictures, nothing in my side pictures, nothing at all! I never took very many pictures of my back because I never thought to, but luckily I found a picture and decided to compare.


Left picture from April 20th, 2017 – Right picture from September 2016

I was impressed! I had found something that lit another fire in me! Now I know these are several months apart, but the fact that I had made a difference since my start of this is amazing. I started realizing that I need to stop being so hard on myself (which I am constantly doing in all aspects of life) and I need to start focusing on the small changes that are truly making a difference. When I look at this picture and I can see the ridge in my spine getting more defined, the muffin top going away, the rolls in my back disappearing and my shoulder blades starting to peak out, I feel motivated and more determined than ever. I need to use this momentum to get me to the next level of my weight loss and most importantly, my confidence.


Don’t give up. You may have setbacks but don’t let that affect you and how far you have come. It may not seem like progress is being made at the time, but trust me, when you fall back into the routine of eating better and exercising daily then you mentally and physically change for the better…regardless of if you notice it or not.


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