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It’s the Final Countdown!

This post is all about my final preparations (and dieting) for my wedding on August 26th. I am combining a few of the posts you have previously seen with new ones, so here we go!

My wedding is currently 27 days away and I have made several health and wellness goals for this month. My mom recently took part in the Arbonne 30-day challenge and lost about 20 pounds. She has since then lost an additional 5-10 more pounds after the challenge by just clean eating, eliminating sugar, alcohol and caffeine (or at least limiting it) and drink more water. After the challenge she ended up with a lot of extra stuff that she passed along to me:

  • Arbonne Essentials Chocolate Protein Shake Mix
  • Arbonne Essentials Fit Chews Lemonberry
  • Arbonne Evolution Full Control Watermelon/Kiwi Flavor
  • Arbonne Essentials Energy Fizz Sticks Citrus Flavor
  • Arbonne Essentials Caffeine-free Tea

I will be incorporating these into my diet as MUCH as I can before the wedding to see if I can drop at least 10 pounds. In addition, I am going to limit my intake of coffee to 1-2 per week (instead of 5x per week or more). When I order I do get the Grande Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew which has 110 calories per serving.

cold brew

I will will also be increasing my water intake (which won’t be hard because I hardly drink water)! I will try to drink more than 100oz of water per day. I will be adding a stick of the Citrus Flavor Energy Fizz Sticks that I can use 1-3 times per day when my energy is low.

In between meals or when I am hungry, I will be eating the Lemonberry Fit Chews (can have up to 8 max in a day). I have tried one already and I can say, the are not the best but it really worked curve my appetite.

As far as fitness goals, I am going to do a push-up and ab challenge. I will complete, hopefully, in the morning (or in the evening at worst). I picked the push-up because I need to tone and strengthen my arms and I picked the ab because that is just a part of my body I want to work on most. This will be in addition to going to the gym as much as I can (since I keep getting sick and haven’t bee consistent in months).

I am going to be recording my weight and inches and comparing them the week of my wedding to see what kind of progress I have made. Oh and…

No pizza this month [insert crying face here]!

On to Beauty…

You may remember that I did a teeth whitening challenge and it improved my teeth drastically? Well, I am going to be doing this again. I know for sure the brown streak in my teeth will not go away, but I can at least brighten my teeth a bit. I will have to go back to my post and remember how frequently I did this. I will keep you posted on the results!

Finally, I have two masks I was given to try (one is for stress, which may really help with the wedding planning stress lines). I never use face masks because I have really great skin already (not trying to gloat!) and I am a firm believer in letting my body do things naturally. While I do think its beneficial every now and then to really deep cleanse and give my face the little extra help it needs, I do not routinely use face products.

Hair…I’m have a hair appointment on the 9th (beginning of the month), so I am hoping that freshens up my hair since it hasn’t been done since November! I have been having some problems with it lately that I have never really had. I have had breakage in the middle of my hair and extra super crazy growth in the front of my hair. I am hoping I can do a deep condition and a cut to help the poor girls out, stay tuned!

Now, I have NO problem with hair growth. The picture on the left is end of July 2016 and the picture on the right was this past weekend (July 28th, 2017). In one year, my hair has grown more than 6-inches and look at those eyebrows!


Sorry for the long post, but there was so much to talk about this coming month! I will try to keep y’all updated on the progress ❤

Until then…


Almost Mrs. Rodgers




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