About the Author

Brittney Nichole


My name is Brittney, I was born and raised in the Reno area. I work full time but try to find time for fun & adventure. I graduated my first four years of college with my associates degree in science and will be taking a year off to find myself. I have a new path in life, but until I get there I will be sharing my journey. That is where this blog comes in. I will be sharing my personal adventures, along with my boyfriend and my fur child, Stella.

I had a huge passion for rodeo before I grew up and realized that horses are expensive creatures. In addition to my love of rodeo, I am passionate about being outdoors! I love hiking and exploring new places. I am lucky enough to have one of the biggest natural playgrounds in my backyard, Lake Tahoe! What brings me to blogging? Aside from having a passion fro writing, I have always found it fun to get a sneak peak into other people’s adventures. I like seeing what works for people (or what doesn’t), their discoveries and their talents. My favorite things to read are motivational & uplifting stories. Up until recently, I didn’t think my life would be any sort of interesting but I thought I’d give it a try by posting about the things that inspire me.




Our family includes four members! Bryan, my boyfriend and best friend in life. Stella, our fur child who is a brown Boston Terrier and Rocky, who is our not so small Rottweiler! We take up residence in Reno, Nevada. Both Bryan and myself were born and raised here and we don’t plan on leaving in the near future! We recently purchased a CanAm Maverick, which will be taking us on many adventures that I will be sharing with you all. I want to show people the raw beauty of Nevada and a peak into our life and adventures!





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