Weight Loss Journey

My ongoing battle…

The weight gain started after I graduated from high school. In high school I was about 140-145 consistently. I was competitive in rodeo which meant that when I wasn’t riding and training horses, I was actively working to improve my own stamina and physique. I did this by jogging 3 miles about 3 times a week and going to the gym whenever I could find the time between my beloved sport and homework.

I started college in the Fall of 2011 and while I was still riding, I wan’t nearly as active or competitive as I had been 6 months prior. Not only was I attending college full time, but I was working part-time (if not full-time as well), maintaining a social life, etc. My diet was drastically declining as I would hit the drive thru’s instead of making lunches and I would skip breakfast and just go to Starbucks. When I met Bryan, I had already gained about 40 pounds and my eating habits were far from changing. On top of my eating choices, I didn’t hardly exercise.

Although my weight gain felt like it occured overnight, which it obviously didn’t. My weight gain was a vicious cycle that happened over a 5 year span. That’s 5 years of creating bad habits. Needless to say, I gained about 78 pounds from 2011 to 2016, when put into perspective is just over 15.5 pounds per year. I was in denial; I couldn’t possibly be “fat”. To me, I was still young and I could eat anything I wanted! That was my mindset until I saw pictures of myself; the proof was all in the pictures. Slowly and steadily the pictures were changing. I believe pictures are the best forms of reality. You can look in the mirror everyday and see yourself in the reflection with no remorse, but it is not as real as when you see a photo of yourself.

How will I achieve this?

{its a lifestyle change}

Hard Work. That is how I will achieve my weight goals.

My partial goal is by January 2017 when we take our family vacation to the Bahamas & Virgin Islands. In that time, my goal is to lose 43 pounds. My overall BIG picture goal is to be back at my high school weight of 145.

I have been walking everyday during the work week. I am fortunate enough to work near a marina where there is a 2 mile walking path that I get to walk around during my lunch hour. It’s an easy way to get my exercise in and relief stress from my morning tasks. In addition to walking everyday, I make it a daily goal to go to the gym. If I make it at least 4 times a week, I am happy, but I strive for 5 days/week! The saying goes, “a good body is not made in the gym”, so I have been monitoring my eating through the app Lose It! and my Fitbit Dashboard. All my activities are logged through my Fitbit tracker that I wear daily. Logging and keeping track not only holds me accountable for what I eat and the exercise I do, but I am like to see the process. Aside from logging my weight and activity, I am taking “body shot” photos bi-weekly. I think this is important because when the scale isn’t showing my progress, my pictures will.


{Sparks Marina  – Photo: Brittney Johnson}

I will be posting journal entries of my journey, so keep check back on my regular blog posts!